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Pioneering Adaptive Fashion with Heart and Innovation

Welcome to the home of Evelyn & Wood, a name synonymous with pioneering adaptive clothing designed to empower and inspire. Our journey is one of innovation, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. In collaboration with esteemed providers able2wear.co.uk and adaptawear.com, we're setting a new standard in the world of adaptive fashion.

Our Philosophy

At Evelyn & Wood, we believe that everyone deserves to express themselves through fashion, regardless of physical limitations or challenges. Our adaptive clothing range is meticulously crafted to combine style, comfort, and functionality, ensuring that dressing is an enjoyable and effortless experience for everyone.

Driven by Feedback

Central to our ethos is the belief that the best insights come from those who wear our garments. Your feedback is the compass that guides our design process, leading to continuous improvements and innovations in our clothing. We listen, learn, and evolve, ensuring that each piece not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our wearers.

Join Our Journey

Evelyn & Wood is more than a brand; it's a movement towards a more inclusive and considerate fashion industry. By choosing our garments, you're not just making a style statement; you're advocating for a world where fashion is accessible to everyone. Explore our collaborations with able2wear.co.uk and adaptawear.com, and discover how adaptive clothing can transform everyday challenges into moments of joy and confidence.

Your Voice, Our Inspiration

Your experiences, stories, and feedback are what drive us forward. Share your journey with us and become a part of the Evelyn & Wood story. Together, let's redefine the boundaries of adaptive fashion and create a world where everyone can express their unique style, without limits.

Explore Evelyn & Wood's innovative adaptive fashion at able2wear.co.uk and adaptawear.com, where style meets functionality for all. Click now to discover clothing that empowers and inspires.

Adaptawear Logo

Adaptawear.com specializes in adaptive clothing tailored to meet the needs of individuals requiring assistance with dressing, whether due to age, disability, or mobility issues not solely related to wheelchair use.

Their extensive collection is designed to provide comfort, ease, and dignity to wearers, featuring discreet adaptations like velcro fastenings, open back clothing, and easy-access trousers. Adaptawear's commitment to quality and functionality is apparent in their range of products that cater to both men and women, including adaptive underwear, nightwear, and daywear.

By focusing on the adaptability of clothing for everyday activities, Adaptawear.com stands out as a provider of practical solutions that enhance the lives of those with varying needs. Their approach ensures that all individuals, regardless of their mobility challenges, have access to clothing that is not only functional but also stylish, affirming their mission to offer adaptive clothing that supports independence and comfort for everyone.

Able2wear Clothing Logo

Able2wear.co.uk is the UK's leading provider of specialist wheelchair and adaptive clothing, catering to the unique needs of wheelchair users for over 25 years.

Their comprehensive range includes tailored garments designed to offer comfort, style, and functionality. Emphasizing the direction towards wheelchair-specific attire, Able2wear.co.uk offers innovative solutions like waterproof jackets, fleeces, and specially designed trousers that facilitate ease of dressing for both the wearer and caregivers.

Their product line is distinguished by features such as drop-front wheelchair trousers, allowing for easy access and comfort, and elasticated waist trousers that combine practicality with a stylish appearance. Able2wear.co.uk's commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those with mobility challenges is evident in their dedication to developing clothing that addresses and resolves the common issues faced by wheelchair users, thereby redefining adaptive fashion with an emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility.